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Indian wedding “write for us”

Indian Weddings write for us is a great way to look at the latest trends in weddings today. They keep up to date with all of the newest wedding attire, decor, and cultural elements. As their specialization is weddings in India- they also help put together ideas for a successful ceremony or party.

With over 4 million monthly visitors on our website alone, a guest post written on Indian Wedding could be seen and read by thousands of people each day. If you’re looking for Guests Posts- we’ve got you covered too!

We accept guest posts including House Rules, Top Ten Tips for Newlyweds, or Saving Money when Planning Your Wedding Entertainment.

Questions and comments

What is write for us?

Answer: Writing for us is an article submission on our blog. Guest posts are popular because they appeal to site owners looking to write unique, or exclusive content on their website and have less carrying the load of generating all the content. Submitting an article allows bloggers and writers worldwide to publish articles without having to worry about hosting costs or worrying about writing blogs only to speak for themselves.

Guest posts come in many forms, from an informational post teaching readers how to do something, an opinion piece shared by someone not affiliated with your company but who shares a similar viewpoint as yours, or even yourself providing expertise outside of your business domain that you think would be helpful for our audience.

Where can I write and get paid?

Answer: You can write for us and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to a high domain authority website. In return, we will provide a byline and your preferred bio hyperlink at the bottom of your article. Sponsored posts program can also get you paid.

Why We Pay Writers for Guest Posts?

Answer: With the ever-growing amount of blogs and sites published daily, for a more thorough search engine ranking your posts need to be written by someone other than yourself. This type of article might come in the form of a guest post which pays higher depending on how reputable the site is.         

As experts in our field, we realize that this is often an expertise people want to showcase on their own blog for free, but as someone who wants to invest their time into blogging, they might not have the time or desire with everything else going on in life. So from both parties, it’s beneficial because you are able to get your word out there while also getting paid! 

Where should you send your pitch?

Answer: Pitches for guest posts are only sent to editors or staff members.

Editors will ask you to fill out a short form which they will then forward on to our acceptance team. You can find relevant information and a link in the next post, or send your pitch directly by email.

Sending your pitch is simple. There are many blogging sites now that have prompts and don’t require an account to post. We just like making our articles different, so please visit our website before submitting a pitch at the bottom of this page. If it’s still a go, great! Send a message with the title of your article proposed and email us.

Whom do we allow to publish?

Answer: Anyone who has something really interesting and unique to say about the topic including experienced writers, professional writers, and freelance writing authors.

The answer is very much yes if you have something really interesting and unique to say about the topic, but we do ask that you submit it in advance so we can take a look at it first before publishing online. However, guest writers are greatly appreciated and well-compensated by us! What we would recommend doing is sending in an email outlining what your article would most likely entail in terms of length, title, links where people could find more information on this subject if they are interested.

Why is guest posting important for your business?

Answer: On a marketing level, guest posting is one of the best ways to get your articles in front of new readers. It’s static and relatively easy for people to share on social media, it doesn’t come off as disingenuous or spammy as many link-building strategies do, and it helps you start relationships with influencers who might eventually share your content or product links.

Who Can Submit An Article?

Answer: Indian Weddings is a new writing site for wedding planners that are on the lookout for fresh and engaging content. If you’re an experienced freelance writer or blogger, then get in touch with us directly through our page.

If you’re interested in contributing to Indian Weddings guest blogging writers can write about a wide range of subjects like Indian Wedding Reception Etiquette, Releasing Butterflies instead of Birds at Wedding or Ceremony, etc.

Guest Post Writers are also welcome to contribute on topics related to weddings including vendors selection process etc., if they have had much experience in this industry before. Guest Posting would be done on a paid and invitation-only work basis while agreeing upon the conditions of the agreement beforehand

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

Answer: Indian Weddings specializes in Indian wedding ceremonies and events, practical advice, and other services that can help make an Indian celebration perfect for you. As a top content marketing agency, we know how to produce compelling articles on a variety of different topics that are user-friendly for guests and business owners alike.

We publish articles about beautiful weddings, stunning venues, incredible food pictures, soulful brides struggling through their wedding preparations wrapped in the sari from her mother-in-law or the groom’s hand-embroidered kurta.

Who Are We Publishing For?

Answer: We are publishing for three audiences: Indian Weddings write for us, guest posting writers, and readers. For our Indian Weddings articles, we want to fix as many problems that many Indians have with weddings in their country. We need guest posts because we are a new site so don’t have enough in-house knowledge yet about what people care about. And the best way for us to find out how other Indians feel about certain topics is through your help!

What you should follow while ”write for us”?

Answer: Follow all the guidelines for a successful guest post to Indian Weddings. We’re always looking for new and original articles, so please read this carefully before submitting anything.

  1. A) Topics that are NOT suitable for us please note these topics specifically and back up your reasons why they are not suitable if you want to offer an alternative idea.
  2. B) Please give the necessary information about yourself as follows:

1) Personal introduction with at least one line of relevant experience

2) Link to personal blog/portfolio along with the complete article.

3) If any other related links that would be helpful in understanding your proposal better, please add as appropriate under Optional Information about Yourself.

4) We prefer submissions with an excerpt from the previous.

Go ahead and start writing content now and feel free to contact us for any queries.